dCNC by Kyrotech, an innovative CAD Plugin that works with AutoCAD, BricsCAD, and ZWCAD for converting .dwg CAD files to NC Code. No need to buy expensive CAM Software. dCNC creates Hole Table, and in the process saves both time & cost in CNC Drilling, VMC, Laser & Plasma Cutting Applications.


The Kyrotech PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT TEAM has developed this innovative product based on the demands of the global manufacturing industry.

Manufacturers working with CNC Drilling, Laser-Plasma Cutting or VMC Surface Milling currently are forced to use full-fledged CAM Software OR manually generate the NC program for native 2D applications. The majority of users do it manually, not out of choice, but because of the high cost of CAM programs for these applications. 


Now, you have dCNC by Kyrotech which delivers NC Code automatically, without having to buy expensive CAM programs, that too at a fraction of the cost.