An Intelligent collection of LISP routines to swiftly manage and complete the geographic data preparation workflows for Geo-Data, Surveying & Civil Planning. View, create, modify, analyze and Report CAD Data of Geographic Nature with ease and efficiency. 

GeoTools is a life-saver for Urban Planning, Infrastructure Development, GIS Map Creation, Facilities Management and a lot more. 

200+ commands for seamless integration of geographic data and CAD data:

  • Advanced Polyline labeling & annotation tools

  • Map Data cleanup, linear/polygon network tools

  • Civil & Survey Data import/export Tools

  • Cross-section profiles, long sections, chainage tools

  • Volume Calculations & TIN generation

  • Advanced AutoCAD Map Tools

  • Coordinate Conversions

  • Google Earth Integration

  • Powerful Blocks and Attribute Management

  • Geology & Mining Tools

  • Fully compatible for batch script processing

  • And many more ...

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